Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TWD: Caramel Pumpkin Pie


The caramel pumpkin pie is one that has intrigued me from the moment I first purchased Baking. I love my pumpkin pie, however, it can get a bit boring eating the same recipe year after year (you know the one on the Libby's jar). But I'm also hesitant to try something new especially when I only seem to make pumpkin around the holidays and I really don't want to screw it up. I really like pumpkin pie you see. And well...pumpkin period. Which is not doubt why I have a ton of pumpkin stocked in my pantry after last year's shortage.

Even though I was tempted to make the recipe as written, I made one change so I wouldn't have to eat a pie that would take a huge dent out of my points for the week.  I decided to go with a lightened crust from Cooking Light. Despite not being the full fat version, I was very happy with the crust. It was still flaky and buttery. I will use this one again for sure! 

Caramel Pumpkin Pie

I'm glad that we were able to try the caramel pumpkin pie well in advance. It sounded delicious but I worried that the caramel would overpower the pumpkin. Unfortunately, it did. I followed Dorie's directions to the letter and thankfully didn't burn the caramel (it has happened a time or two). At first bite the pie tasted pretty good though the pumpkin flavor was hard to get. The caramel was the first and only taste that I got. Which I am sure is the point obviously. That would be fine if it didn't leave such a bitter taste in my mouth. No doubt many people like that flavor but to me it just ruins the pie. 

Even though I was not a fan of the recipe, I am glad I tried it. As I think I've mentioned just a time or two...I love pumpkin. So I try it in anyway I can. I don't always like the outcome but you can't like everything can you? 

The Tuesdays with Dorie recipe for this week was chosen by Janell of Mortensen Family Memoirs.  For more caramel pumpkin pie, check out the TWD blog roll. Be sure to check out Baking From My Home to Yours for more Dorie goodies (see page 322-3 for the pie recipe)!


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The Mortensens said...

I had the same problem on my first attempt too--the caramel was bitter and overpowering. I tried it again and made the caramel lighter (despite Dorie's instructions) and it was much better.

However, you pie doesn't look that dark, so who knows. Thanks for baking along with me this week even though it wasn't a hit for you.

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